Booking Details
  • When you contact the office and we agree on a date that is suitable, we will send you a booking form.  All bookings must be confirmed by completing this form and returning it with the requested deposit within the period stated in our booking letter.  Please ensure that you meet this date as other societies may be waiting for available days.
  • The maximum number of players for a society is 80, whether one society or two is booked on the same day.  (We will be pleased to discuss ‘corporate bookings' for larger numbers if required.)
  • The minimum number of players in order to have a tee reservation is 12.  Smaller groups are still very welcome, but should book through our Professional Shop as casual green-fee players (01628 661661).

Whilst we appreciate that numbers may vary between the time of booking and the actual date of your visit, please note that we need to have realistic estimates of those attending at the time of booking.  Also, please keep us updated if the numbers change significantly between your booking and your date for playing.

Clearly if your numbers drop, we could offer the vacant tee times to another society.  Therefore, we have the following rules:

  • Please inform us at least one month in advance if the number attending will be less than 50% of the number on the booking form or less than 12 players.  Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge for the shortfall.
  • Please confirm the number attending at least 7 days prior to your visit.  The minimum charge will be based on this number.

Please be aware that you may not necessarily be the only society booked on the date of your visit.

We can tailor our packages to suit your requirements. 

Contact The Office for more information:

(01628 661448)