Dress code & phone policy

Our aim is for all of our members and our guests to have an enjoyable and relaxing time at our golf club. To help with this we have provided below some simple guidelines.
For any member bringing guests to the Club, could you please ensure that they are aware of our code.
Our staff are always on hand to assist and have also been asked to help with concerns should they arise.

On the course & practice areas

All shirts must have a collar (golfing crew necks are permitted) and remain tucked in at all times. For gentlemen shirts with sleeves are required.

Trousers or tailored knee length golf shorts must be worn.

Beach or ‘Cargo’ style shorts with large external pockets are not acceptable.

Denim Jeans, Combat or Jogging Style trousers are not permitted.

When wearing shorts, socks must be either short white SPORTS socks or short SPORTS socks that are colour coordinated with the shorts.

Trainers are not permitted.

In the clubhouse

Throughout the year the dress code in the Clubhouse is smart casual. (This includes smart denim jeans and trainers.) Hats or caps should not be worn and footwear should be worn at all times. If gentlemen choose not to wear socks in the Clubhouse then their shoes must cover their feet i.e. not open toe sandals or flip flops.
Clean, dry golf clothing is acceptable but golf footwear should not be worn in the main lounge or dining room, apart from the carpet path leading from the patio to the spike bar.
There will be occasions where more formal wear may be required and these will be advised at the time.
Please help us to retain a smart, yet relaxed atmosphere, and please remember, (especially in the summer) that it is a Golf Club, NOT a Beach Club.

Mobile phones

We wish to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for all, so please help us with the following re mobile phones.
Mobile phones may be left switched on in the Clubhouse (on silent) for internet/text purposes. Any telephone calls to/from your phone can only be answered/made in the entrance foyer, or in the car park area.
Using phones for making/answering telephone calls is not permitted elsewhere in the Clubhouse; on the patio and surrounding gardens, or out on the Course (except in emergencies).
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