Membership - current status

Please note that currently we are closed for full membership.

We are still taking applications for our Waiting List and we are still accepting applications for Junior Membership.

For more information please contact our General Manager.

Membership Application

If you wish to apply for membership, please either complete our online application form, or alternatively download and complete offline. (Please also see notes below for information.)

If you wish to know more about becoming a Burnham Beeches Golf Club member, please contact our General Manager, who would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. (Tel 01628 661448 (Option 1))

Application Notes

Proposer, Seconder and Alternatives Ideally, every candidate should be proposed and seconded by two BBGC members of at least two years standing, who should each send a letter giving full information regarding the applicant socially and as a golfer.
Where an applicant is unable to provide a Proposer or Seconder from within the Club (e.g. moving into the area) the Committee has discretion to accept that applicant, subject to appropriate letters of recommendation from a previous club or on playing a round with a Member of Committee.Additional notes: 

(a) The submission of this application does not guarantee automatic entry. Your application will be considered by the Committee in relation to other applicants and all applicants will receive a response. Please be aware that there may be a short time lapse before any notification is sent. 

(b) Applicants are advised that a recognised handicap issued by an England Golf affiliated Club is preferred but alternatively an applicant should be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of playing ability and full knowledge of course etiquette. 

(c) Applicants may be required to play golf with a Member of the Committee and if applicable their Proposer and Seconder. In addition you will need to attend an interview, details of which will be notified in due course. 

(d) If your application is successful and on becoming a Member you accept and agree to abide by the Club’s Articles of Association, Bye-Laws and rules of the Club. Please ask the General Manager for a copy of these is you so wish.

Course Status
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UPDATE - Winter rules/preferred lies will no longer be in play from Wednesday 1st June. Thank you Golf Course Open. Restrictions are Level 0 - there are NO restrictions This message will only change if restrictions or course status changes. Thank you
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