Dress Code

On the golf course

  • Shirts must have a collar or be polo neck and must be tucked into trousers
  • ladies may wear blouses loose over skirts, shorts or trousers, 6 inches below the waistband and may be sleeveless
  • T-shirts, rugby shirts, tracksuits, athletic vests are not acceptable.
Trousers or Shorts:
  • tailored (with fly, pockets, creases)
  • not denim or other patched or fluorescent material
  • shorts must have hems no more than 3 inches above knee
  • football, rugby, or any other type of sports shorts not meeting the above requirements are not allowed
  • ladies shorts must measure no more than 6 inches above the knee from kneeling position.
Socks with Shorts:
  • WHITE sport socks allowed which should be visible
  • football or rugby socks or normal day-to-day ankle or calf length socks are not acceptable.  
  • recognised golf shoes, either with spikes or dimpled soles are required
  • training shoes are not acceptable.


In the clubhouse

During the day (until 6.30 pm), smart casual clothes may be worn without jackets and neckwear but denim jeans, T-shirts or training shoes are not allowed.

Golf shoes of any description must not be worn except:

  • in the changing rooms
  • in the lobby outside the men's changing room
  • on the staircase up to the ladies' changing room
  • on the carpet path leading to the spike bar.

For formal occasions such as prize-giving or meetings, members should wear jackets and neckwear in the main lounge.